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The Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program (IAEAP) is designed to train and educate Iowa small businesses (100 employees or less) on air emission regulations enforced by the Clean Air Act. The IAEAP, funded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Quality Bureau, provides free, non-regulatory assistance.

The IAEAP assists Iowa small businesses through on-site visits, phone assistance, individual email assistance, newsletters, workshops, compliance assistance materials and web assistance tools. Information collected through assistance helps to manage Iowa's air resources and apply pollution prevention strategies. The IAEAP works with many industries including dry cleaners, body shops, manufacturers, grain facilities and printers. 

Assistance & Resources

These resources and information have been developed by the Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program, a program focused on training and educating Iowa small businesses with less than 100 employees. The Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program is funded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. This information is intended solely as guidance, cannot be used to bind the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and is not a substitute for reading applicable statutes and regulations.