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A Quick Glance at EPA’s New PFAS Regulations

Earlier this month, the U.S. EPA put forth new regulations in regards to per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS). The IWRC put together a quick glace at these new regulations to help entities understand what they must do.

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man and woman in work clothes and shovels planting a tree

Celebrating Earth Day 2024

Every day is Earth Day for the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) but that doesn’t mean we don’t participate in the nationally dedicated Earth Day efforts.

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two young women posing in front of bridge

National SBEAP Conference: A new staff perspective

Attending a national conference for the first time can be a big deal and nerve racking the first time, especially for a freshly graduated and newly minted employee. Read how the IWRC's newest member navigated her first national conference in Chattanooga, TN.

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child's hands holding a worm cocoon with a bucket of black dirt

Getting the Dirt on Composting and Energy

The beautiful mid March weather has us in the mood to open our windows, break out the planters, and begin stirring the dirt in gardens. Read on the hear how IWRC Environmental Specialist Jason Clay introduced composting and energy conservation to Dayton, IA residents.

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Staff member Dan Nickey poses with another conference goer in Daytona Beach

Conference Season is in Full Swing for the IWRC

The first quarter of 2024 is a busy time for IWRC staff with conferences and professional development opportunities. Learn where you can find IWRC staff this 2024 Spring conference season.

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Female College Student using the Virtual Realty Painting system

UNI's Economic of Sustainability Class Teams Up with STAR4D for Impact

December on a college campus in Iowa brings cooler temperatures, an increase in caffeinated beverages (usually warm), and a dedicated study spot in the library to prep for those pesky finals. For the students in Dr. Alicia Rosburg’s Economics of Sustainability class, their…

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person pushing food scraps into a bucket of food scraps for disposal

Unwrapping EPA’s New Wasted Food Scale

For decades, EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy has served as the primary tool to help decision makers (i.e., state and local governments) understand and determine the best options for managing food waste (Environmental Protection Agency, 2023). The hierarchy was established in…

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Kendall Lienemann interveiws a UNI student about their knowledge of Fashion Waste

The New Fashion Police: Conversations continued...

IWRC Environmental Intern, Kendall Lienemann, continues her quest for a sustainable tomorrow. In part 3 of her The New Fashion Police blog, she set out to ask UNI students about their knowledge of fashion waste. Watch her video as she wanders through campus asking the…

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author and Environmental Intern Kendall Lienemann

The New Fashion Police: Fashion as a point of conversation

For any group of students, there will be challenges and barriers to overcome as they pursue their tomorrow, but they also have the ability to make an impact for a better tomorrow. In my blog, The New Fashion Police: Fashion as Waste, I discussed my interest in starting or…

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IWRC Program Manager Jennifer Wittenburg working with Environmental Intern Kendall Lienemann

The Next Generation of Waste Reduction

Five students have left their mark at UNI’s Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) this summer, working across various internal and community-based projects. Paige German, Kendall Lienmann, Makayla Gasper, Eliana Hornbuckle, and Haley Christoffer may be from different…

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The New Fashion Police Blog by IWRC Environmental Intern Kendall Lienemann

The New Fashion Police: Fashion as waste

Follow the captivating story of the IWRC's Environmental Intern Kendall Lienemann's quest to stand out through her unique sense of style. From thrift store expeditions to crafting her own clothing creations, Kendall's journey takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the…

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IWRC Environmental Specialist Jason Clay and Program Manager Jenny Trent lead a hands-on workshop in small compost site manamgement

Cultivating Change: Community Gardens and Farmers Market Donation Project Wrap Up

The summer is always a busy time for the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) Food, Beverage & Organics program. This summer was no different. July and August in Iowa marks the height of the farmers market and community garden season so Program Manager, Jennifer Trent,…

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IWRC and ISU share tent at the 2023 Iowa Craft Brew Fest in Des Moines Iowa

Iowa Waste Reduction Center and Iowa State University's Brewing Science Lab Join Forces for Sustainable Brewing Solutions

For over five years, the mission of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has been to assist breweries in, and recognize them for, implementing practices and strategies that minimize…

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Craft Brewer's Conference & Brew Expo America 2023

Two Iowa Green Brewery Certified Breweries walk away with prestigious 2023 World Beer Cup Award

Nashville, TN was the place to be on May 7-10, 2023 for the Craft Brewer's Conference & Brew Expo America. This conference is America's largest Craft Brewing industry gathering and was filled with networking, tours, seminars, book-signings, tastings, nightly events, and…

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Three children playing with worms in Jason Clays vermicomposting bin at Camp Wakonda's Celebrate Earth Day event

Iowa Waste Reduction Center Celebrates Earth Month 2023

Saturday, April 1, 2023 began the start of Earth month and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) calendar filled up quickly. As an organization who is devoted to helping small businesses reduce waste, it is important that we lead by example and do our small part to…

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A car sits in the parking lot of Bodensteiner Implement Company

How One Iowa Company Discovered Thousands of Dollars In Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is vital to Iowa’s energy management plan and it reduces the amount of energy consumed. For a business, that means a decrease in energy generated environmental impact and a significant reduction in business energy costs. The Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (…

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An IWRC Painting Trainee in protective paint suit paints green dots for UNI Green Dot Program

Iowa Waste Reduction Turns Green for a Good Cause

On August 8, the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) painter training program turned in their traditional purple and gray colors for green to assist the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) and Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG)’s new Green Dot Program.

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Staff member Jennifer Wittenburg assists a client with air permits applications and emissions reporting.

Your Guide to Small Business Assistance: Air Permit Applications & Emissions Reporting

While you have had the ability to submit electronically for a while now, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will soon be requiring electronic submission of air permit applications through the Iowa Environmental Application System for Air (Iowa EASY Air) and emission…

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Rural Iowa landscape shown at dusk.

Mapping of Rural Iowa Food Deserts

IWRC Environmental Intern, Jordan Burrows, mapped rural Iowa food deserts with the goal of sharing findings with stakeholders who can assist food desert communities.

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Smoke from wildfires covers the air over a mountain landscape.

Smoky Air? Protect yourself from wildfires

Healthy air is important for everyone. Breathing smoke, however, can be a risky prospect. If it seems smoky outside, you can check for large or small fires burning close to you.

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