It all began in 1987. The Iowa legislature presented the Groundwater Protection Act which emphasized a "non-regulatory approach that stressed education, demonstration and technical assistance." Envisioning the gavel hitting the sound block, the legislation passed and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center for the Safe and Economic Management of Solid Waste and Hazardous Substances was born. 

What officially started in January 1988 as a three-person non-profit with an office in a trailer, has grown to a staff of 12 employees and a 17,000 square foot painter training facility. Some changes have occurred along the way, such as shortening the official name to the easier to remember Iowa Waste Reduction Center, but the cornerstones of the center has remained strong.

The IWRC is a nationally recognized organization at the University of Northern Iowa devoted to environmental consulting, assistance, training and education for entities with environmental impact or need.

Regardless of the industry, IWRC's programs and services all maintain a core focus on helping businesses to reduce waste. After all, waste reduction is in our name!