STAR4D Certification

A properly trained workforce is of the utmost importance to ensure corrosion prevention, ensure mission readiness, and efficient production. The STAR4D program began in 2003 as a means to provide effective painter training to the U.S. Armed Forces. The program has grown throughout the years but the core mission has always remained to provide hands-on customized training.

Training can take place at the STAR4D training facility located at the University of Northern Iowa. However, often times production demands prevent sending painters to Iowa for training. A recent and perhaps more cost-effective option is to have STAR4D instructors visit your facility to provide the training. Training can then be scheduled when it is more convenient and training can use your own production parts or assets. STAR4D has also established train the trainer sites to allow facilities to provide STAR4D certifications at their own facility.

About STAR4D

About the Program

Everything about the program dedicated to providing quality customized hands-on training.

About the STAR4D program


The STAR4D program officially began in 2003 to address the unique needs of military painting operations. Learn how it started and how it has grown here.

Satellite Sites

Larger facilities with more than 20 spray technicians have the option of becoming certified to maintain their own STAR4D courses without needing to send all their painters to Iowa for training. Learn more about the Satellite Site program.

STAR4D Satellite Sites

The STAR4D Impact

Just how big of an impact can our training curriculum have? Download this PDF to learn about past projects, as well as average VOC reductions and training value of the STAR4D program.

Training and Research Facility

Located in Cedar Falls, IA, STAR4D training takes place in a 10,000 square foot facility.

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Certification Database

Need to see if your certification is still valid or if it has expired? 

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