Training and Research Facility

The IWRC's 16,000 square foot facility houses capabilities for research and painter training primarily used by the IWRC's Spray Technique Analysis and Research for Defense, military painter training program. The facility is equipped with the necessary capabilities and equipment to conduct classroom (seating up to 30 students) training and hands-on in-the-booth training. The layout and visibility of the facility also easily allow for video recording of training to take place.


  • Batch powder coating booth
  • Cross-draft liquid spray booth
  • Walk-in powder coating booth
  • Combination convection-IR oven
  • Two-inch, variable speed monorail system
  • Three-inch variable speed conveyor
  • Training equipment for two and/or three component coatings materials
  • Five stage re-circulating spray washer
  • Paint kitchen/mix room
  • Wide assortment of liquid and powder coating application equipment: High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP), Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP), Electrostatic, Compliant, Conventional, Airless and Air-Assisted Airless Spray guns, as well as the associated equipment needed to operate these spray guns.