How It Works

Initial Consultation

Over the phone, you'll talk with one of the Brewery Certification team members who will provide you with guidelines for certification as well as recordkeeping and supporting documentation.

Brewery Visit

IWRC staff visit your brewery and conduct a free audit checking for various environmental and sustainability practices throughout five categories:

  1. Applicable environmental regulations
  2. Environmental management
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Water quality/conservation
  5. Resources/solid waste management

Criteria-Based Score is Developed

Using a matrix based on the criteria, scores are tallied to award a total score.

Final Report

You receive a final report outlining findings of the audit.

  • Qualified Breweries
    • You are awarded a certificate and a window cling designating your level of certification. Recognition is also given via multiple digital and traditional media outlets.
  • Unqualified Breweries
    • Your audit will include recommendations and resources to become a certified Iowa Green Brewery and the IWRC will be able to assist you with ongoing efforts.

Certification Criteria

IWRC staff will provide training and assistance on all applicable environmental regulations which is required for all levels of certification. Gold and Platinum certifications require verification of compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.  IWRC will also look at the following.  

  1. Environmental Management
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Water Quality / Conservation
  4. Resources / Solid Waste Management


bronze certification Bronze 65-75 points
silver certification Silver 76-85 points
gold certification Gold 86-95 points
platinum certification Platinum 96-100 points


Iowa Brewers Guild Allied MemberThe Iowa Green Brewery Certification was developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa with the help of the Iowa Brewers Guild and a few breweries across Iowa. We appreciate the cooperation and help of J. Wilson from the Iowa Brewers Guild and the breweries for their insight and assistance to ensure this certification is beneficial for all breweries throughout the state. The IWRC reserves the right to withhold any certification for a number of reasons, if certification is withheld, written documentation of the reason will be provided.

 Iowa Green Brewery Certification


To get your brewery certified contact

Joe Bolick

Joe Bolick