Cost effective and environmental training system for spray painters

Developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s painter trainers, the award-winning VirtualPaint is a highly adaptable virtual reality training simulator that mimics a fully customized painting and coating production environment. 

  • Take hands-on training out of the spray booth and into the classroom
  • Customize coatings, parts and equipment to replicate day-to-day operations
  • Track data in real time to quantify painter skills
  • Allows for continual practice and immediate feedback
  • Completely eliminates hazardous air emissions and waste
  • Significantly reduces the proper spray application learning curve
  • Benefits experienced and novice painters
  • Unlimited practice parts and coating at the touch of a button
  • Use for hiring skill assessments and re-training evaluations

VirtualPaint News

Calendar of Events

3 Oct

Iowa Environmental Health Association Fall Conference

4 Oct

Food Rescue Workshop

8 Oct

Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference