Cancellation Policy

If it is four weeks or less before the training (certification and/or recertification), no refund will be issued.  A replacement may be sent with no penalty, but please notify STAR4D of the name change at your earliest convenience.

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United States Marine Corps Corrosion and Prevention Control

Training in any field is important. It improves productivity and quality while reducing material consumption and environmental aspects. STAR4D training focuses on the aspects spray technicians need to know in order to accomplish these tasks. With proper training, painters are able to reduce the amount of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released into the environment, the amount of paint wasted during application, and the time spent in the paint booth. Being able to correctly apply coating also reduces the time and effort of completing rework and improves corrosion protection.

STAR4D certified painter training is a 3-day course broken down into three processes: classroom, hands-on application in the booth, and virtual training using the VirtualPaint. It focuses on comprehensive knowledge of the entire painting process and improving spray techniques. 

STAR4D TrainingThe Coatings Technician Certification focuses on the use of chemical agent resistance coatings, commonly referred to as CARC. This course will train technicians to practice strategies and techniques enabling less material usage and an improvement in finish quality.

  • Masking and Demasking
  • Surface Preparation
  • Coatings Systems
  • CARC System
  • Spray Application Equipment
  • Spray Equipment Setup
  • Spray Technique
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • CARC Defects and Failures

Certification Requirements and Registration

There are no prerequisites for STAR4D certification. The program has been designed to cater to spray technicians of all levels - from a beginner to a technician with 20+ year's experience.

In order to receive certification, technicians must receive at least 80% on a written evaluation, 75% on VirtualPaint evaluation, and properly apply topcoat and related primers to the recommended mil specifications.

To register for a certification class, please please contact us for upcoming course dates. You will not be registered until payment has been made and you have received confirmation regarding attendance. 

Recertification Requirements and Registration

The STAR4D certification lasts for one year from the date listed on the certificate. Recertification is not required, however after the one year date, the spray technician is no longer STAR4D certified. It is the technician's responsibility to maintain certification. Recertification is a one-day course very similar to certification. The basic concepts and techniques will be reinforced, and any new processes will be introduced.

The only requirement for recertification is that the spray technician must first go through certification. To register for a recertification class, please contact us for upcoming course dates. You will not be registered until payment has been made and you have received confirmation regarding attendance.