Iowa Green Brewery Certification


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Joe Bolick

Joe Bolick

You can’t make beer without water...lots of water. Whether it be sanitizing the brew kettles or flushing the toilets in the bathrooms, water is used almost everywhere you look in a brewery. We have created a checklist that looks at how water is being conserved, minimizing the amount of wastewater generated, as well as making sure the wastewater that is generated is not harmful to the environment.

____ Monitor water to beer ratio (0-3 Points) 

____ Recycling or reuse of process water (0-3 Points) 

____ Reduction of solids in wastewater discharge (0-3 Points) 

____ Installation of WaterSense rated equipment (0-5 Points) 

____ Use of environmentally friendly or neutral cleaning chemicals (0-2 Points)

____ No leaks in plumbing (2 Points) 

____ Landscape watering efficiencies in place (1 Point) 

Iowa Brewers Guild Allied MemberThe Iowa Green Brewery Certification was developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa with the help of the Iowa Brewers Guild and a few breweries across Iowa. We appreciate the cooperation and help of J. Wilson from the Iowa Brewers Guild and the breweries for their insight and assistance to ensure this certification is beneficial for all breweries throughout the state.