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What is the Iowa Green Brewery Certification?

With the vast growth of the craft beer industry across the state and the resource-heavy nature of brewing beer, the Iowa Green Brewery Certification works directly with Iowa’s breweries to minimize their environmental impact by providing technical assistance and guidance in four key areas:


     Environmental Planning                Energy Efficiency           Water Quality & Conservation          Solid Waste Diversion & Disposal

For over 30 years, the IWRC has provided environmental assistance to Iowa’s small businesses, so it was a natural fit for us to start working with Iowa craft breweries.  In 2017, we launched the Iowa Green Brewery Certification as a way to reward the great breweries of Iowa for their implementation of sustainable practices and their commitment to the environment. The certification also allows breweries to benchmark themselves against their peers across the state and gain valuable public exposure for their efforts.

Featured Green Brewery:

Big Grove Brewery - Iowa City


How the Process Works:

  1. Schedule a free on-site walkthrough of your brewery (See form on right)
  2. IWRC staff will visit your brewery and assess your environmental impact and sustainability achievements
  3. IWRC will score your brewery based on criteria developed with assistance from 16 Iowa breweries
  4. A custom recommendations report is delivered to your brewery outlining strategies to increase your score
  5. Once you are happy with your score and certification level, the IWRC will return to award your brewery
  6. The IWRC will promote your success to local news outlets and through digital media