For those of you that have seen the VirtualPaint, you cannot miss the latest change.

SMARTTRACKThroughout the past couple years, the Iowa Waste Reduction Center has dedicated significant effort into improving VirtualPaint, from the inside out. Last year, new VirtualPaint software was released and this year, the hardware received a makeover.

Reliable tracking is crucial for the VirtualPaint. As the painter sprays, the tracking system is what pinpoints the location and angle of the spray gun. Without accurate tracking, spray patterns would not be realistic and the training effectiveness of VirtualPaint would diminish.

“The tracking system has a critical function to provide the VirtualPaint software accurate data concerning the movement of the spray gun in relation to the display screen,” says Jeremiah Treloar, VirtualPaint Program Manager at the IWRC.

IWRC worked with Advanced Realtime Tracking to ensure SMARTTRACK would provide reliable tracking. Treloar continues, “The integration of the SMARTTRACK’s infrared optical tracking system is a significant step forward for the VirtualPaint system. The IWRC is excited about the tracking accuracy, portability and simplicity that the SMARTTRACK brings to the VirtualPaint system."

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