The Next Generation of Waste Reduction

Five students have left their mark at UNI’s Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC)  this summer, working across various internal and community-based projects. Paige German, Kendall Lienmann, Makayla Gasper, Eliana Hornbuckle, and Haley Christoffer may be from different universities, but they now have something in common: they all built a better Iowa through their work for the IWRC.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center and Iowa State University's Brewing Science Lab Join Forces for Sustainable Brewing Solutions over five years, the mission of the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s (IWRC) Iowa Green Brewery Certification (IGBC) program at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has been to assist breweries in, and recognize them for, implementing practices and strategies that minimize their overall environmental impact. As of today, over 30 breweries in Iowa have been awarded a level of certification by the IWRC, but the latest brewery they have worked with isn’t really a brewery at all, it’s Iowa State University (ISU).

Iowa Green Brewery Certification Celebrates Five Years

Five years ago this November, the idea for the Iowa Green Brewery Project (IGBC) had just begun developing. The Iowa Waste Reduction Center was looking to continue providing free environmental assistance to Iowa businesses, but on a more specific level. The craft beer industry was a natural fit. Resource intensive, rapidly expanding statewide, and industry interest in environmental stewardship, the IGBC started to gain traction.

Time to Hit Refresh on Sustainability in Brewing

As breweries prepare and begin to reopen, now is a great time for a refresher on the basics of sustainable implementations within breweries. The world that we are returning to is a new normal, and while many things are changing, it is also important to remain focused on practices that should continue to be upheld in the coming months.

Four Things Craft Breweries Should Continue To Do During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As April ends and May begins, we still find ourselves in the midst of possibly the most impactful of our lifetime. COVID-19 has clinched control of all aspects of society. Our daily lives and routines have been significantly altered, along with how we conduct business.  For breweries, these unprecedented times are hitting the bottom line hard. The Brewers Association (BA) recently launched a COVID-19 impact survey which pointed out some staggering, yet anticipated responses.