Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation - 2017

11:00       Welcome and Introduction (Dan Nickey)

                On-Site Reviews and Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program (Jennifer Wittenburg)

                Food Waste Projects and Midwest Food Recovery Summit (Lea Hensel)

                STAR4D (Joe Bolick)

                Licensed Products (Jeremiah Treloar)

12:00       Lunch

1:00        Open Discussion with Advisory Committee Members

                Iowa Green Brewery Certification (Joe Bolick)

                Presentation and Tour of SingleSpeed Brewing Co. (Dave Morgan, Founder and Brewer)


Thank you to the advisory committee members that were able to join us for the 2017 meeting.

  • Matt Everson, National Federation of Independent Business
  • Elizabeth MacKenzie, University of Iowa
  • David Jackson, University of Iowa
  • Randy Pilkington, Business & Community Services, University of Northern Iowa
  • Matt Rasmussen, Iowa Economic Development Authority
  • Jeff Fiagle, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • David Inyang, Iowa State University
  • Lisa Shimkat, Small Business Development Center
  • Bill Dotzler, Senate District 31
  • Walt Rogers, House District 60
  • Jeff Phillips, Barker Lemar

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Advisory Committee Meeting are available here.