In an effort to help in your reduction and diversion efforts we have compiled a list of categorized vendors. Please note though that these lists are not comprehensive, or an endorsement or warranty from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. Businesses should determine that any company or product they use complies with all applicable environmental laws. If you are a vendor and would like to be included or have information updated, please complete our contact form.

Best Technology
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 392-2414

CB Mills
Gurnee, IL
(800) 522-7343

CBG Biotech
Columbus, OH
(800) 941-9484

Clean Planet Chemical
Austin, TX
(855) 256-7568

Contrast Equipment Company
Kansas City, MO
(866) 512-2412

Dawg Inc.
Terryville, CT
(800) 935-3294

Dove Equipment
Ankeny, IA
(515) 289-2131

Finish Thompson Inc.
Erie, PA
(814) 455-4478

Gardner Machinery Corp.
Charlotte, NC
(704) 372-3890

Kleen-Tec Inc. / Kleer-Flo Inc.
Albert Lea, MN
(248) 496-7375

Par Services, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN
(260) 436-1122

PBR Industrial
Lindenhurst, NY
(800) 842-1630

Progressive Recovery, Inc.
Dupo, IL
(800) 732-3793

Recycling Sciences, Inc.
Austin, TX
(512) 617-1502

Ocala, FL
(352) 237-5500

Solvent Kleene, Inc.
Peabody, MA
(978) 531-2279

Ultronix, Inc.
Hatfield, PA
(800) 553-7881

Waste Recovery Designed Products
McDonald, PA
(724) 926-5110

Westport Environmental Services
Westport, MA
(508) 636-8811

WRR Environmental Services Co., Inc.
Eau Claire, WI
(800) 727-8960