Fort Rucker STAR4D ClassroomAs the newest addition to Spray Technique Analysis and Research for Defense (STAR4D) satellite sites, Fort Rucker in Alabama is on the brink of beginning to conduct STAR4D certification. Fort Rucker is the first satellite site in Alabama and adding it to the STAR4D satellite site roster list was completed through work with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM).

Two instructors, Mr. Tom Elsbernd and Mr. Keith Gerebics have been certified by STAR4D after completing the STAR4D aerospace instructor certification training. A pilot run of the course will be conducted Tuesday, May 1 - Thursday, May 3 to ensure everything runs smoothly before full courses begin. The classroom is prepped and will be a great fit for training while going through the manuals and using the virtual reality training system called the VirtualPaint that you can see in the lower left image. Additional hands-on training will also take place in the spray booth.

After the pilot course, the instructors will begin conducting STAR4D Aerospace Technician Certification courses to four students at a time to establish a trained workforce at Fort Rucker.

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