For years, STAR4D and Sherwin Williams have worked together on research and training methods to improve the coatings industry. Recently, coating formulators from Sherwin Williams Military Coatings Division in Chicago visited the STAR4D facility to discuss preparation and application procedures for Sherwin Williams’ experimental CARC materials. The two-day visit involved mutual learning for those involved. STAR4D was able to learn more about the CARC system straight from the chemists that formulate the coatings and Sherwin Williams went through a modified STAR4D course consisting of hands-on and virtual training.

STAR4DMarkWytiaz, Sherwin Williams Technical Director Military Coatings, had been to the STAR4D training facility in the past but always enjoys a return visit. According to Mark, the STAR4D training and facility setup is “how it should be done.” Sherwin Williams staff received hands-on in-booth application and participated in a VirtualPaint competition during their visit. Their favorite part about training was the in-booth application; they enjoyed being able to see results and also participate in a little friendly competition. Mark liked the hands-on training best because “it’s fun to see how to improve and to compare your skills versus someone else’s.”

After their visit to Cedar Falls, Sherwin Williams will be looking into purchasing the VirtualPaint system for their own facility to train their employees on-site. Mark says, “[the VirtualPaint] teaches old people new tricks or teaches new employees the proper way to paint.”

Working with Sherwin Williams gives STAR4D the chance to provide the most recent information regarding coatings to training courses meeting training objectives.

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