Becoming a Certified Green Brewery

  1. Submit the brewery audit request form (located on the left)
  2. IWRC staff will visit your brewery to assess your environmental impact and document your sustainability achievements
  3. Breweries are scored on a points-based system and recommendations to increase scoring and reduce environmental impact are provided in a customized report
  4. The IWRC will provide direct assistance, upon request, to help implement recommendations provided in the customized report 
  5. Once your brewery is satisfied with your level of certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), the IWRC will present your brewery with a framed certificate and window decals recognizing your achievement

Resources for Brewers

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NoCoast Beer Co. Achieves Iowa Green Brewery Platinum Certification

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GOLD Certified Iowa Green Brewery

Textile Brewing Company in Dyersville became the eighth GOLD Certified Iowa Green Brewery in March of 2021. With its focus on energy efficiency, specifically renewable energy, Textile has become an industry leader and advocate for sustainable brewing practices in the State of Iowa.

A unique feature of Textile's brewery location is their use of solar panels which cover the entire south-facing roof of their building. The implementation of this solar array generated 45.5 MWh of electricity in 2021, greatly offsetting the brewery's overall energy consumption. Textile has also focused on reclaiming items from their building which was built in 1908 and home to a sewing factory for over 100 years. Many of these original pieces can be seen as decor throughout the entire brewery. The brewery also prides itself on being community-focused. Textile hosts many local events in their space and utilizes local products in numerous different ways throughout their beers and operation. 

Textile Brewing Company is one of more than thirty breweries now certified by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification Program.  Their commitment to sustainability helps further the green beer community in the State of Iowa!