Nicole Edmonds

Nicole Edmonds is a registered dietitian, graduate student, and director of the Student Food Bank at Michigan State University. As the first campus based food bank run for students and by students, the MSU Student Food Bank is a pioneer, innovator and national model for campus based food bank across the country. Serving over 6,000 students (including their families), and distributing over 100,000 pounds of food annually, Nicole works with multiple organizations and businesses to utilize food products that might otherwise be wasted. These salvaged items are a large part of what the Student Food Bank offers to its clients. Items including fresh bread from local bakeries, fresh produce from a variety of sources, and unused packaged foods from students and community members. The Student Food Bank is committed to continuing its efforts to provide food assistance to students in need, all the while making a dent in the amount of food waste in the greater MSU community. By using food and nutrition to help students achieve their academic goals, the Student Food Bank can proudly say that Spartans have an appetite for success.