The primary service of the program is to certify Iowa's craft breweries as a way to reward the implementation of sustainable practices and brewers commitment to the environment. Iowa craft breweries schedule a free on-site walkthrough audit of the facility, IWRC staff assess the environmental impact and sustainability achievements, and a custom recommendation report is provided outlining strategies to improve your facility in an effort to achieve the certification level you're aiming for, whether that's bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. 

Sustainability & Waste Audit

Let our expert staff walk through your facility and make recommendations for sustainable practices and processes. We'll also look at all waste streams to evaluate reduction, reuse, and recycling options.

CO2 Leak Detection

CO2 is a colorless and odorless gas which occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere as a trace gas. Small amounts of CO2 are safe, but often in the brewing process, large amounts of CO2 are found. CO2 is most often found in fermentation and brite tanks during a purge or cleaning, as well as in walk-in coolers and incorrectly connected kegs. The IWRC uses an advanced Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector to detect and mark any CO2 leak areas in the brewery.

Data Entry to Brewer's Association Sustainability Benchmarking Tool

The Brewer's Association has developed a sustainability benchmarking tool for member breweries to evaluate their environmental footprint and compare themselves confidentially with other breweries of similar size and scope across the United States. The IWRC has created a summer internship program where an intern is available from June through August to go on-site and enter in a brewery's utility and water data into the system and present the results back to the brewery. For more information on this service or to request a visit from the IWRC, please contact Joe Bolick at

Environmental Compliance & Regulatory Assistance

For over 30 years, the IWRC has been providing environmental compliance and regulatory assistance to small businesses across Iowa. For direct assistance with any universal waste, air emissions, or stormwater regulation questions, please contact us.