VirtualPaint software provides realistic data and graphics for a realistic training experience. Instructors are able to structure scenarios that track user progress and standardize training metrics while having the ability to customize coatings and parts to simulate specific goals.

  1. Skill Development (included in base software)
    • Ideal for training
    • Learn fundamentals of equipment setup and spray technique
    • Easily practice using multiple parts and parameters
  2. Skill Evaluation (optional software upgrade)
    • Ideal for structured, non-biased evaluations
    • Instructor can track user progress and print reports
    • Produces standardized performance metrics across all users
  3. Competition (optional software upgrade)
    • Ideal for individual or team competitions
    • Fosters competitive learning
    • Results are saved in user's profile
  4. Kiosk (optional software upgrade)
    • Ideal for use at promotional events and demonstrations
    • Designed for quick competitions
    • Users are scored and ranked

Training Packages

VirtualPaint is available for many types of coatings equipment. Each comes with the software and instrumented spray gun specific to that package.

  • Gravity Feed
  • Pressure Feed
  • Electrostatic
  • Airless (Coming Soon)
  • Air-Assisted Airless (Coming Soon)