How It Works

The VirtualPaint software provides instantaneous feedback, determining the spray pattern distribution, film thickness, transfer efficiency, and overspray in real time. The computer and tracking system communicate to a projector, which displays the VirtualPaint canvas onto a portable rear projection screen.

Features like adjustments to air pressure, fan size, fluid pressure, flow rate, partial triggering, on a real spray gun allow for the most realistic training experience. The end result is better technique, control, performance, and an incredible level of feedback to the painter.

VirtualPaint as the Cornerstone to your Training Program

In the past, the only way to train painters involved costly, time consuming, and labor intensive in-booth training. Training was expensive. Today with the VirtualPaint, realistic hands-on painter training can be conducted in a classroom. Instructors provide effective training demonstrations, address spray gun setup and proper application in front of a class of any size.

No more waiting for coating to be mixed, parts to dry or materials to be provided! Instructors can watch students practice what they have learned; training painters quickly, easily, and more effectively than ever before!

Use our provided training manual, or create your own lessons and add your painters into custom classes. You'll track their improvement, and have access to reports documenting a quantitative assessment of their performance.

More Benefits of VirtualPaint Training

  • Completely eliminates hazardous air emissions and waste.
  • Significantly reduces the proper spray application learning curve.
  • Precise feedback benefits experienced and novice painters.
  • Unlimited practice parts and coating at the touch of a button.