Painter training staff were on the road again last month, this time traveling to Lincoln, NE to the BSNF Railway facility. IWRC staff conducted two painter training courses for 13 BNSF employees, a few are in the picture to the right.

BNSF Painter Training ParticipantsThe courses were structured with classroom training on equipment and coatings followed by hands-on simulation training using the VirtualPaint, all with a concentration on airless spray technique!

"The training class was focused on using the VirtualPaint system to develop the core skills of spray application technique. Many of class participants were experienced painters that asked great questions and had fun competing with each other to win a class competition. The competition motivated participants to focus on improving their equipment set-up and spray technique in order to achieve the highest finish quality at the lowest cost," says Jeremiah Treloar, VirtualPaint Program Manager.

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