One of the most beneficial features in having a virtual reality painter training system is its portability when needed. Here at the IWRC we often travel to display the VirtualPaint at events and trade shows, and many customers use this feature in multi-functional classrooms or at their own events. It allows for painters to be trained and work on their spray techniques outside of the spray booth, and without having to wear any PPE or even use actual coatings.

Skoda Challenge International 2016

The VirtualPaint's EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa) distributor, Canescens BV, uses this feature to take the VirtualPaint throughout the world. From South Africa to Germany, and most recently the Czech Republic for the SKODA Service Challenge Finals

The challenge is a national and international competition in after sales area, which is organized annually by SKODA AUTO. It took place on Friday, June 10 in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. The challenge consists of six categories, one of those being painter.

Skoda Challenge International 2016

The challenge consists of six categories, one of those being painter which is where the VirtualPaint was involved.

"VirtualPaint was one of the tasks that was used to evaluate painter skills. I used Kiosk Mode and a three-layer lesson plan (primer, base coat, clear coat) to score the contestants," says Menno Buys, Managing Director of Canescens BV.

Aside from using the VirtualPaint, contestants had to coat a real part using real paint as well.

For more information about the challenge, visit or visit VirtualPaint to learn more about the virtual reality system.

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