Exciting news shared with us from one of our distributors, Canescens BV. German magazine, Besser Lakieren (Better Painting) featured VirtualPaint in a recent edition about the virtual reality system at Berufschule I, a trade school in Landshut, Germany.

VirtualPaintEarlier this year, Berufschule I was able to move into a newly built facility, with a focus on the VirtualPaint as the "technical highlight" for the paint training department. One of the instructors, Roland Glaser had his eye on VirtualPaint since 2010 and with the new facility was able to get VirtualPaint into the program. Similar to many other trade schools we have worked with, the instructors at Berufschule needed an engaging method to train students.

“With us, students are at the foreground and we asked ourselves how we could stimulate curiosity and motivation. Simply put, the  spray paint simulator is a ‘PlayStation for adults' and we can train the student correctly”, explains Glaser about the initial experiences.

Taking painter training out of the spray booth and into the classroom helps to accelerate the learning curve while saving resources. 

"A big advantage is the time savings. Because trainees normally only spend one day a week in school, we mostly have only three hours for practical exercises. As opposed to real painting, where we loose time in preparation, we can start immediately with the paint simulator and costs for paint, storage and maintenance are eliminated,” according to trade school instructor Franz Plendl.

The article is available on the Besser Lakieren website here. The browser translation tool does work, but not as a direct translation. Menno Buys from Canescens BV has provided an English translation at the end of this document.


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