SingleSpeed Brewing, located in Cedar Falls is the first craft brewery in the state to be certified by our recently launched Iowa Green Brewery Certification. We launched the Iowa Green Brewery Certification as a way to provide direct assistance to a rapidly growing business sector.

Iowa Green Brewery Certification

“The goal of our organization is to provide as direct and comprehensive environmental assistance to small businesses as possible. We saw how many breweries were popping up around the state and already had an understanding of the environmental impact they have, so it just seemed like a natural fit for us to develop this program,” said Joe Bolick, project manager for the certification. “And when you have a place like SingleSpeed willing to open its doors and help us right in your backyard, it makes the program much stronger.”

With help from the staff at SingleSpeed, the Iowa Brewers Guild and several other Iowa craft breweries, the IWRC developed a hands-on certification process that begins with an on-site sustainability and environmental audit. Breweries are then evaluated on their energy efficiency, water conservation, waste generation/diversion and overall environmental management and then are awarded a certification level of bronze, silver, or gold.

“The opportunity to work with an organization so close to home who shares similar principles to ours was one we simply couldn't pass up; we enjoy being able to collaborate with local groups who aim to keep our community moving forward, and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center and its Iowa Green Brewery Certification is a great example of this,” says Austin Myers, Head Brewer at Singlespeed. 

SingleSpeed Brewing’s Cedar Falls location earned a silver level of certification for their implemented sustainability practices. “The certification process itself was great. Working with the IWRC helped us to implement some processes equipment that could increase efficiencies and our reduce energy consumption. The standards set forth by the IWRC for certification have been a great resource for us as we complete construction on our second production location," Myers explained.

The IWRC is currently working with more breweries across the state including sites in Des Moines, Ankeny, Glenwood and SingleSpeed’s Waterloo location opening later this spring. “We feel that our objectives with the new location in Waterloo align with the standards set forth by the Iowa Green Brewery Certification and we really look forward to pursuing a second certification with the IWRC,” said Myers.

Congratulations to SingleSpeed Brewing!

Learn more about the Iowa Green Brewery Certification here.

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