• IAC 567-108 - Beneficial Use Determinations: Solid By-Products as Resources and Alternative Cover Material (PDF)

Beneficial reuse options apply to industrial, commercial, and institutional generators and users of solid by-products (waste) and sanitary landfills utilizing alternative cover material. Reuse is available to solid by-products being disposed of as solid waste in an Iowa landfill, and that meet certain requirements. Wastes/operations that are not eligible include: waste that has already been landfill disposed, land application of solid waste, solid waste processing operations or solid waste composting.   

Using solid by-products is economically beneficial to waste generator and end user, as long as it does not adversely affect human health and the environment. It also decreases the amount of solid waste entering Iowa's landfills.

For more infomration, review the Beneficial Use Determinations portion of the Iowa Administrative Code (link to the right).