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SingleSpeed Brewing takes home another certification for the Iowa Green Brewery Certification - our first platinum level certification!

SingleSpeed Brewing LogoEarlier this year, SingleSpeed Brewing's Cedar Falls location became our first certified brewery, scoring a silver certification. Now, SingleSpeed Brewery in Waterloo has taken their sustainability efforts to the next level, earning our highest level of certification.

“We can’t say enough about Dave (Morgan) and his entire team at SingleSpeed. We sat down months ago when we were first launching this program and they have been all-in since the get-go. Their commitment to minimizing their environmental impact and their focus on sustainability throughout their entire business rivals any business in any industry,” says Joe Bolick, project manager of the Iowa Green Brewery Certification.

“Working with the IWRC was a joy, as well as a blessing for us.  The timing could not have been more perfect.  When they approached us with their Green Brewery Certification program we were already waist deep in the process of preparing our plan to maximize energy efficiencies while minimizing waste.  As development at the Waterloo Facility was focused on obtaining LEED Certification, many of the principles outlined by the IWRC were already guiding our project, however, the insight their team provided allowed us to increase energy efficiencies in a few areas as well as formulate an improved plan for landfill diversion for solid waste,” says Dave Morgan, founder of SingleSpeed Brewing. The Waterloo SingleSpeed Brewery staffs' dedication to sustainability is apparent in their use of reclaimed ash tables throughout the space, installation of solar panels, and their partnership with local farmers to put spent grain to good use. Every server station in the building is equipped with trash, recycling, and composting bins, a measure that drastically cuts down on waste. The building itself is a reclaimed space; SingleSpeed took careful measures to reclaim Waterloo’s historic Wonder Bread factory in a way that preserves its historical significance.

All of these efforts and more factored into SingleSpeed’s platinum certification and you can actually learn more on their Sustainability page.

Additionally, you can catch Dave Morgan speaking at IWRC's Midwest Food Recovery Summit this September to hear firsthand about their food waste reduction efforts. 

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