The Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s STAR4D program is pleased to announce that Tobyhanna Army Depot will be the first depot in the nation to offer STAR4D Abrasive Blasting Certification to its employees.  In November 2010, Tobyhanna’s certified STAR4D instructors participated in the pilot class and Subject Matter Experts (SME’S) review of the abrasive blasting materials at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center.  Following the review, Tobyhanna’s instructors added specific abrasive blasting specifications to the curriculum to enhance training materials specifically for Tobyhanna employees.  On January 17, 2012 Tobyhanna Army Depot conducted the first Abrasive blasting course developed specially for DoD personnel and equipment.

STAR4D Instructors of the Year 2011, Tobyhanna Army DepotThroughout 2012, four additional depots are planning to offer STAR4D Abrasive Blasting Certification.  With Tobyhanna leading the effort for training employees on abrasive blasting, other depots may request to visit Tobyhanna to share ideas and see how the course has been implemented. Working together, this will help the entire DoD Corrosion Community extend the life of valuable military assets.

In addition, STAR4Defense painter training and certification program is very proud to announce the selection of David Jurosky and Mark Brennan as the 2011 STAR4D instructors of the year.  The STAR4Defense program acknowledged their substantial contributions by presenting a plaque to each instructor to show our appreciation of their dedication and additional efforts.

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