Rosenberry Instruction STAR4D StudentsSTAR4D's satellite training site at Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) has been one of the most successful sites for the program and seeks to make 2013 even better with an energetic training schedule and implementation of a blasting course. As with any other site, its success is largely based on the dedication of the instructors. At LEAD, this role has been given to Mr. Dennis Rosenberry for many years.

Mr. Rosenberry had retired after 23 years as Paint Branch Chief at LEAD before becoming the STAR4D satellite site instructor in 2009. He held the first class back in March 2009 and to date, has completed over 80 courses training paint staff and contractors through the STAR4D training program which consists of hands-on, classroom and VirtualPaint training.

"Mr. Rosenberry is pivotal to the program’s success and has done a fantastic job at LEAD. He is an excellent STAR4D instructor. Words cannot express my appreciation for all the hard work and long hours he has put into making the STAR4D program successful at LEAD" says Rick Klein, STAR4D Program Manager at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. Through Mr. Rosenberry's hard work, LEAD has a fully trained paint workforce and has seen success through many environmental initiatives. Mr. Kenneth Fahrney, Chief of the Process Support Division says, "STAR4D has improved paint quality and reduced paint usage. The STAR4D program provides quality training that increases the expertise and knowledge of our paint staff."

Aside from managing the consistent schedule of certification and recertification classes, Mr. Rosenberry helped to catapult the program's recognition whenever possible. He has worked with multiple coating manufacturers conducting coatings research and training and has shared the program through tours and events held at the depot.

This dedication makes LEAD a great fit to assist STAR4D in developing a media blasting training course. In moving the program forward, LEAD will take part not only in the development of its curriculum but also in the implementation of the course. "Mr. Rosenberry's past experience as Paint Branch Chief will aid in and speed the development of site-specific media blasting curriculum at LEAD," continues Mr. Klein. In addition, Mr. Fahrney will be providing technical supervision to the blasting program to ensure it meets the needs of LEAD to achieve the best results.

As 2012 closed, Mr. Rosenberry welcomed Mr. Dale Alleman as an additional STAR4D satellite site instructor at LEAD. They have already begun their energetic training schedule for 2013 and are moving forward in the development of the two-day blasting certification course. With Mr. Rosenberry’s past success as a STAR4D instructor, we cannot wait to see what Mr. Rosenberry and Mr. Alleman can achieve together at Letterkenny Army Depot.

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