Dale Alleman runs the blasting version of the VirtualPaintLetterkenny Army Depot has been running the University of Northern Iowa’s STAR4D Coatings Technician Certification course since November 2009. Five years later and with hundreds of certifications under their belt, the instructors have implemented a course with a different focus – abrasive blasting.

Over the past year, STAR4D staff has worked closely with LEAD staff to cater the blasting curriculum to meet their site-specific needs - down to the types of equipment used and LEAD specific procedures. “The equipment and procedures used differ from base to base. We want the STAR4D courses to be as beneficial as possible so when needed, we work with each base to customize the curriculum. The blasting course with LEAD is no exception,” says Rick Klein, STAR4D Program Manager.

In February, LEAD instructors Dennis Rosenberry and Dale Alleman held their first STARD Abrasive Blasting Certification course for blasting supervisors. "Letterkenny has had great success with implementing the STAR4D Coatings Technician Certification and we are excited to get the blasting course added to the mix. It will get the depot closer to a trained and skilled workforce," says Jason Nold Chief, Process Support Division. Participants in the class are pictured below to the right: Front Row: Timothy Kohler, Walter Buryk III, Gary Wease. Back Row: Graig Jolley, Dale Alleman, Dennis Rosenberry

Graig Jolley from the USMC CPAC (middle) presented Dennis Rosenberry (left) and Dale Alleman (right) with their instructor certifications.With the first course successfully completed, a certification ceremony was held in March to present the first blasting certifications. Graig Jolley from the U.S. Marine Corps Corrosion Prevention and Control Program presented Mr. Rosenberry and Mr. Alleman with their instructor certifications. Then Mr. Jolley and Mr. Alleman presented the three supervisors with their certificates.  Also attending was STAR4D’s Program Manager, Rick Klein and the LEAD Chief of Paint, Jason Nold.

Letterkenny Army Depot's first blasting class.The abrasive blasting course is structured in a similar manner as other STAR4D courses. It includes classroom, in-booth and VirtualPaint training. All three facets combined give students a well-rounded training in the blast process from start to finish. "The course is comprehensive which will train our technicians to blast safely and efficiently," says Jason Nold.

In addition to the regular Coatings Technician Certification and Recertification courses LEAD will continue to hold, one blasting course will be scheduled each month until all the Depot’s blasters are certified.

“LEAD continues to surpass our expectations as a satellite site. Everyone involved has been extremely dedicated and hard working to ensure the success of the STAR4D program at the Depot. I look forward to continuing to grow our relationship in the future,” finishes Mr. Klein. 

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