As of January 15, 2016, new rules and a fee schedule for Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) air quality construction permit applications and notifications began. IWRC’s Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program staff have detailed the information minor sources need to know. “Facilities do not need to make any immediate changes, only if you need to modify an existing air quality construction permit or if you need a new one.” said Jennifer Wittenburg, Environmental Specialist at the IWRC.

New Form

Form AF - Construction Permit Application Fee is new to the permit application process and required for all minor sources construction permit applications including permit templates. The form allows facilities to input data to determine the correct fee to send with your permit application.

Minor Source Fees

These new fees apply to two categories, air quality construction permits applications and notifications. The fee for construction permit applications is $385 per application for each required permit.  The Iowa DNR issues a construction permit to each emission point so the fee will be based on the number of permits the facility is applying for. Notifications include permit registrations (group 1 grain elevators), permit-by-rule (spray booths) and permit templates (i.e., concrete batch plants, aggregate processing and asphalt plants) are $100 per application.

What You Need to Do

These changes impact businesses if they:

  1. modify current permitted equipment,
  2. require a permit for existing equipment, or
  3. install new equipment at an existing facility.

If a new facility, the business should contact the DNR at 1-877-247-4692 to determine permitting requirements and what fees might apply.

If you have any questions about the changes, contact our Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program staff at 1-800-422-3109 or the Iowa DNR at 1-877-247-4692 or Iowa DNR Air Quality Fees.

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