July 2016 


Several factories equipped in 2016, more to follow.

After an exhaustive 18 month evaluation, DAIMLER AG has selected the VirtualPaint® virtual reality training system to improve and update painter training at several of its factories in Germany.  

VirtualPaint combines proprietary software with state-of-the-art tracking hardware and a real (customized) spray gun to create an on-screen virtual environment for spray painter training. This spray paint simulator provides immediate, quantitative and unbiased feedback on film thickness, transfer efficiency, spray techniques and paint cost. Students learn from their own results and from those of their classmates. Individual and group results are stored and student performance can be tracked over time. 

VirtualPaint accurately reproduces the characteristics of the various coatings. Structured lessons duplicate the multi-layer paint processes. Spray gun controls and movements are precisely tracked. Due to the low operating cost, students can practice much more often; accelerating the learning curve.  

“In the future, digital learning systems must support the training and qualification of our employees. VirtualPaint is particularly suited because of its flexibility and low environmental impact. We can also use VirtualPaint for our recruiting purposes. “ 

Extensive cost savings and quality improvements result in an excellent return on investment. As VirtualPaint avoids the use of paints and chemicals, it reduces the environmental footprint of Daimler’s painter training. 

“VirtualPaint is the leading system, environmentally friendly and stimulates curiosity.” About service and support of the supplier: “excellent, uncomplicated and always responsive.” 

VirtualPaint® is developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center at the University of Northern Iowa (USA) and is distributed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Canescens BV (Netherlands). For more information, please visit 

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Press contact: Menno Buys, CANESCENS BV +31 74 278 1629 or

Download official release here.

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