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Iowa Waste Reduction Center Contributes to Opportunities to Reduce Food Waste in the 2023 Farm Bill Report

Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) staff, Joe Bolick, Director, Jennifer Trent, Program Manager, and University of Northern Iowa’s (UNI) Andrew Morse, Chief of Staff, are acknowledged for the input and feedback they contributed to the, “Opportunities to Reduce Food Waste in the 2023 Farm Bill” report released by Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC)

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COVID-19 : The Perspective from a UNI Student 

Without question, COVID-19 is having an impact on every single one of us and life is going to look different on the other side. One very sad reality that has hit the IWRC during this pandemic is that we won’t see Abby Palmer around the office anymore. 

Abby has been a student intern with us since her very first semester at UNI, believe it or not, she actually has more seniority than three of our full time staff members. She has become an integral part of our team and the idea of not seeing her around the office when we come back is hard to fathom.