During these challenging times, the Iowa Waste Reduction Center is finding new ways to assist Iowa's small businesses. The IWRC is excited to announce the next webinar in our free IWRC Energy Efficiency Webinar Series. Funded through a grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority's Energy Program, this webinar aims to educate and assist Iowa businesses to reduce energy consumption and save money.

The IWRC hosted this webinar on Tuesday, February 2nd 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Topics included partnerships for energy and cost savings, compressed air energy efficiency, and industrial energy efficiency in Iowa case studies. 

To view the recording of this webinar, please click below:

Webinar Recording



Presentation Highlights

"Partnerships that Deliver Energy and Cost Savings for Manufacturers through Assessments" | View Presentation

Bruce Dvorak: Associate Director, Nebraska Industrial Assessment Center

The Nebraska Industrial Assessment Center will present on examples of approaches aimed at reducing energy usage and costs. These examples have been identified through the analysis of electricity usage and demand, natural gas usage, and water/wastewater utility data. Recent assessments have resulted in a mean energy savings of $45,000 per client. The presentation will also discuss a case study showing opportunities associated with boiler/steam systems and water use. Lastly, strategies for benefiting from engaging partners, including utilities, vendors, and technical assistance providers, before, during, and after an assessment will be highlighted.

"Compressed Air Energy Efficiency: Methods and Measures" | View Presentation

Patrick Rocco Brown: Senior Engineer, University of Illinois at Chicago

This presentation will provide information on compressed air energy efficiency for both plant staff and management. The presentation will include an overview of the costs associated with running a compressed air system and the importance of understanding, managing and maintaining your system. Also covered will be a list of common measures which can be applied to a system, with things to look for and examples or sample calculations. The presentation will conclude with discussion of further resources, references and program recommendations.

"Industrial Energy Efficiency in Iowa: Case Studies and Successes" | View Presentation

Jennifer Reutzel Vaughan: Pollution Prevention Engineer, Iowa DNR

Energy efficiency continues to be an important priority for businesses looking to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and reach their sustainability goals. Pollution Prevention Services with the Iowa DNR will discuss key strategies companies can utilize to identify and implement energy efficiency projects across different systems in their operation. They will also highlight a variety of case studies from Iowa companies who have found notable success in reducing their energy consumption.