The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has created an online option for businesses to complete air quality construction and operating (Title V) permit applications, called Iowa EASY Air (Environmental Application System). The DNR will notify businesses in December when the system will be available for use. Iowa EASY Air

The EASY Air system aims to provide a convenient way to submit air quality permit applications, saving time and money for companies that need a permit or permit modification.

Some ways EASY Air will speed up the permitting process:

  • Existing data entered in the SLEIS system will pre-populate into the Iowa EASY Air system, easing the task of inventorying and reporting emissions

  • Data from construction permits and operating permits will be available, reducing redundant data entry

  • Multiple users can access the permit application, reducing internal handoffs and time-consuming waits to collect required signatures

  • Validated application data will reduce errors and ensure industries submit accurate, complete applications

  • Accurate data and applications will reduce back-and-forth emails and phone calls with DNR

  • Online payment and delivery options will assure applications and fees are received when you send them

By reducing redundant data entry, increasing data accuracy, saving time on application preparation and submittal, and accepting online payments, EASY Air will speed up the permitting process for users and will make submitting future permitting projects and emission inventories much easier to do.


For more information visit the Iowa DNR’s eAirServices webpage

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