Ann Paxton

Ann Paxton

After a relatively long career in Human Resource management and outsourcing, Paxton chose to become a stay at home mom in 2013. She embraced the domestic role with great passion, transitioning my days to focus on healthy living. This included healthy eating, exercise/yoga, volunteering and living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. I started composting because it’s good for the environment. But, I wanted convenience. Traditional methods, unless done properly, result in rotting smells and common pests associated with decomposing food (cockroaches, maggots, and rodents). My husband, a mechanical engineer, began experimenting and marrying the technologies of a number of concepts including waste treatment and compost tea. AeromatiCo was born. With nothing like it on the market, we worked together to develop a product that we thought people would be willing to try. I now run the business and marketing side of AeromatiCo, while my husband is in charge of engineering and R&D.

2018 Midwest Food Recovery
Summit Partner

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency