Ann Gritzner

Ann Gritzner has been a high school science teacher at Central Community Schools in Elkader, Iowa since 1993. She teaches project based environmental science classes that stress the idea of students making a difference in the environment in which they live and is the sponsor of The Central Green Team which highlights environmental awareness among students. In recent years, Central Community students have designed, implemented and improved a district wide, student run composting and recycling system for our k-12 cafeteria. Throughout this project students have worked with county, city and district leaders as well as the Iowa Waste Reduction Center to recycle and compost our waste. The program has been very successful in diverting about 7-10 tons of waste from the landfill each year while producing soil that is used in the school and community gardens. The district has reduced its lunch waste from more than 70 pounds to less than 10 pounds per day. In 2016 the compost team was awarded the Iowa Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for outstanding environmental leadership and innovation. In 2017 The Central Green Team was recognized by Clayton County Conservation Awareness Network for their work in environmental awareness and education. The classes continue to improve the project and hope to help others create systems to reduce their own waste.