Suzy DeYoung

Suzy DeYoung is a talented chef and past owner of a high end catering business, La Petit Pierre. In 2014, she then went on to create La Soupe – a restaurant formed to bridge the gap between perishable food waste and the food insecure community. In 2015, she established a 501c3 to focus on donation efforts.

The program Rescue … Transform … Share was the first of several that she created. La Soupe rescues fresh produce that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforms this produce into healthy soupes, sides and salads to feed the food insecure community. The Bucket Brigade is comprised of local restaurants who accept a delivered box of produce to produce soupes for distribution. La Soupe has given 3,680 gallons of soupe this year along  with 31,968 pounds of fresh produce

The Cincinnati Gives a Crock cooking club is a program teaching high school students basic cooking skills. These students gain an understanding of what real food looks like, and experience the joy of feeding their families at home. The Stone Soupe Project provides the community with a giant paella pan meal and is the perfect way to display the quality and quantity of produce that would otherwise hit the land fill. Suzy is tackling two very big issues is Cincinnati, hunger and food waste.