Kevin Anderson

Kevin Is Part Owner of Missouri Organic Recycling in Kansas City. Starting in 1993 Kevin worked alongside his father and brother to start MOR and build it from the ground up, In that time MOR has become a leader in Organics Recycling.

Kevin is currently working on The FRED Project which stands for Food Residual Environmental Diversion. FRED is MORs awarding winning program to divert food “Recourses” from going to landfills. This is done by collecting Food from restaurants, cafeterias, and special events, and turning it into compost that can be reused to build healthy soils.

Kevin is also is in charge of marketing and sales of compost, and soil mixes that are used in a wide range of markets. That include Organic Gardening, Commerical Landscaping, Erosion Control, Turf Mantinece and many more.