Cost effective and environmental training system for spray painters

Developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center’s painter trainers, the award-winning VirtualPaint is a highly adaptable virtual reality training simulator that mimics a fully customized painting and coating production environment. 

  • Take hands-on training out of the spray booth and into the classroom
  • Customize coatings, parts and equipment to replicate day-to-day operations
  • Track data in real time to quantify painter skills
  • Allows for continual practice and immediate feedback
  • Completely eliminates hazardous air emissions and waste
  • Significantly reduces the proper spray application learning curve
  • Benefits experienced and novice painters
  • Unlimited practice parts and coating at the touch of a button
  • Use for hiring skill assessments and re-training evaluations

VirtualPaint News

14 Jun

VirtualPaint Joins SKODA Service Challenge

One of the most beneficial features in having a virtual reality painter training system is its portability when needed. Here at the IWRC we often travel to display the VirtualPaint at events and trade shows, and many customers use this feature in multi-functional classrooms or at their own events.

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