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In an effort to help in your reduction and diversion efforts we have compiled a list of categorized vendors. Please note though that these lists are not comprehensive, or an endorsement or warranty from the Iowa Waste Reduction Center. Businesses should determine that any company or product they use complies with all applicable environmental laws. If you are a vendor and would like to be included or have information updated, please complete our contact form.

Alkota Cleaning Systems Inc.
Alcester, SD
(800) 255-6823

Barrett Centrifugals, Dept TR
Worchester, MA
(800) 228-6442

Bowden Industries, Inc.
Huntsville, AL
(256) 328-3700

Carbtrol Corporation
Bridgeport, CT
(855) 202-2854

Como Industrial Equipment Inc.
Janesville, WI
(800) 451-0028

Dynatec Systems, Inc.
Burlington, NJ
(608) 387-0330

Enquip Inc.
Tulsa, OK
(918) 599-8111

Geotek Enviornmental Equipment Inc.
Denver, CO
(800) 833-7958

Highland Tank & Manufacturing Co.
Stoystown, PA
(814) 893-5701

Inventive Systems
Lexington Park, MD
(800) 873-5153

Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.
Motgomery, AL
(334) 277-8520

Megator Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 963-9200

Mercer Intl.
Mendham, NJ
(800) 463-7237

Monroe Enviornmental Corporation
Monroe, MI
(800) 992-7707

Oil Skimmers, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
(888) 981-7051

ONDEO Nalco Company
Naperville, IL
(630) 305-1000

Pan America Enviornmental
Wauconda, IL
(847) 487-9166

Parker Hannifin Corp.
Tewksbury, MA
(800) 272-7537

Seneca Enviornmental Services Inc.
Des Moines, IA
(800) 369-3500

Smith and Loveless Inc.
Lenexa, KS
(913) 888-5201

Tenco Hydro, Inc.
Brookfield, IL
(708) 387-0700

US Filter - Minnesota
Saint Michael, MN
(763) 497-0598

US Filter - Pennsylvannia
Warrendale, PA
(866) 926-8420

Waste Recovery Designed Products
McDonald, PA
(800) 852-0094

Wilson Air Equipment Company, Inc.
Portage, MI
(269) 342-0138