Iowa Waste Exchange

Since 1990, the Iowa Waste Exchange (IWE) has been one of the nation's premier materials exchange programs.  As a free and non-regulatory service, IWE works with industry, business, and even local government in an effort to reduce waste.

Many businesses, schools, hospitals, and communities dispose of items and materials that others can use.  IWE's Resource Specialists work with facilities to find another facility that can use the disposed materials creating an exchange.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) works with IWE to provide technical assistance along with database maintenance and coordination.  Funded by and part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, there is no charge to post materials or use the searches available.

Iowa Waste Exchange     Iowa Waste Exchange


IWE Resource Specialists can help you:

  • Identify viable markets for waste materials

  • Find solutions that are environmentally-friendly for waste streams that are not marketable

  • Draft and/or review standard operating procedures for handling waste streams

  • Write waste management grant applications

  • Get involved in numerous special programs and projects


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