Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program

The Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program (IAEAP) is designed to train and educate Iowa small businesses (100 employees or less) on air emission regulations enforced by the Clean Air Act. The IAEAP, funded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Air Quality Bureau, provides free, non-regulatory assistance.  

The IAEAP assists Iowa small businesses through on-site visits, phone assistance, individual email assistance, listserves/e-newsletters, workshops, compliance assistance materials and web assistance tools. Information collected through assistance helps to manage Iowa's air resources and apply pollution prevention strategies. The IAEAP works with many industries including dry cleaners, body shops, manufacturers, grain facilities and printers. 

Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program   Iowa Air Emissions Assistance Program

  • 12 Month Rolling Log
    • Download the 12 Month Rolling Log to help maintain usage records. This file is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you enter data and then calculations are automatically generated. 
  • Paint Tracker
    • Formerly Paint Plus, Paint Tracker was released in October 2013. Facilities can use the free online resource to record and track paint and solvent usage.
  • Minor Source Emission Inventory Webpage
    • The MSEI page has been developed to assist Iowa small businesses in completing the Iowa DNR MSEI.


Regulation Assistance Information


IAEAP Evaluation

If you have worked with IAEAP, we would greatly appreciate feedback on how we did by filling out the evaluation in the link below.

IAEAP Evaluation


Current Air Assistance Map

IAEAP specialists have worked with thousands of businesses across Iowa.


Assistance numbers depict the various detailed assistance efforts to Iowa
small businesses completed by the IAEAP in the last three calendar years.